Turn your great outdoors into the place to be for summer parties! All you need is outdoor lighting that illuminates and highlights your spaces. Read on for thoughtful tips and smart ideas—you’ll have the go-to outdoor party spot in no time!

Party's this way

Path lights - Outdoor Lighting for Summer Parties - LightsOnline.com

Pictured: Hinkley Atlantis

Guests need to know where to go (and where not to go) to find the party, right? Landscape lighting is a great way to help define your outdoor spaces.

You can add path lights, step lights and deck lights that look great and help your guests feel safer while walking around the party after dark.

Accent lights can pep up interesting decor touches like water features or statues, but they can also help clarify the limits of your yard, especially when aimed up from the bottom of trees or fencing.

Hanging out

Outdoor chandeliers - Outdoor Lighting for Summer Parties - LightsOnline.com

Pictured: Savoy House Oleander

Use lighting to spotlight your outdoor seating areas so people know where to go once they find the party. There are a few different ways to do this.

Stay cool

Outdoor ceiling fans - Outdoor Lighting for Summer Parties - LightsOnline.com

Pictured: Hunter Prestige Key Biscayne

If it’s too hot outside, your guests won’t want to stay. The easiest way to combat the heat is with an outdoor ceiling fan.

You can find outdoor fans to suit any design style, fans for covered spaces, fans for exposed spaces and fans with a light kit.

Kichler Bluetooth ceiling fan light kits - Outdoor Lighting for Summer Parties - LightsOnline.com

Kichler also makes a line of ceiling fan light kits with Bluetooth audio speakers! Choose from 4 finish options to match the fan, then show off your dance moves while staying cool.

Wall fans, including options that can be plugged in to an outlet (great for renters), are available too.

Double-duty lanterns

Portable lanterns - Outdoor Lighting for Summer Parties - LightsOnline.com

Pictured: Kichler Lyndon

Need to brighten up a space that’s too far from an outlet or wiring? No problem. Check out these cool Kichler portable lanterns. Charge them up and take them wherever you need to go for a touch of bright LED light. Bonus: they also feature Bluetooth speakers, so you can take your tunes with you.

Want to learn more about these lanterns? Watch this video!

Party time

There you have it: some great ways to turn your great outdoors into the go-to party spot. If you need advice, please feel free to contact us, live chat with us or call us at 1-866-688-3562. Now go out there and have some fun!

Also, if you have any great summer party music playlists, please share!



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