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Bedroom ceiling fans offer a comfortable, relaxing breeze and the added bonus of energy savings! Installing a ceiling fan in a bedroom is a worthwhile investment. Follow these 4 simple guidelines to choose a ceiling fan that is perfect for your bedroom.

1. Choose the right size and height. Many bedrooms with lower ceilings require a "hugger" ceiling fan, which attaches like a flush mount to the ceiling without using a downrod. If your bedroom has a particularly high ceiling or a slope, you may need to purchase additional mounting materials. Most bedrooms do best with a 42" or 52" ceiling fan. See 3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Fan for more help. Also note that the best placement spot for a bedroom ceiling fan is actually centered at the footof the bed, not the head, so as to provide good airflow and comfort.

2. Choose a high quality motor. Unless you want to listen to your fan rattling while you are trying to sleep, be sure to invest in a fan with a high-quality motor, which is usually the difference between an economy fan and a slightly more expensive model. Try to choose one with a heavy gauge steel motor case. This will be worth the cost since you'll be able to have a comfortable, rattle-free rest!

3. Consider accessorizing the fan. To enhance convenience and avoid the rattling noise caused by a pull chain, think about adding a remote control or wall control to your purchase if the ceiling fan you've chosen for your bedroom doesn't come with one already. Remote or wall controls are also great for people who may have trouble reaching a pull chain. With a remote control, you can even control your ceiling fan while you're already comfy and cozy in bed!

4. Add fan light kits. For another level of functionality to the fan, you can add a light kit to your new ceiling fan, making it a source of ambient light. Even more light control comes with adding a dimmer to help you customize the mood. If you're planning on using a dimmer, choose a light kit that uses incandescent bulbs.

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