Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

The exterior of your house isn't just for curb appeal anymore. Now largely considered by many to be an extension of a residence, your outdoor spaces can make the home feel larger and more versatile. From landscape lights that accentuate a flower bed or walkway to exterior lighting fixtures that illuminate an outdoor kitchen or patio, outdoor lighting has played a key role in transforming the outdoors from largely unremarkable to incredibly pivotal. Outdoor lighting also aids in safety, providing a sense of security in the dark and deterring burglaries with the appearance of an occupied home when the homeowners are away.

Outdoor lighting can include (but is not limited to) outdoor wall lights, ceiling fans, post lights, hanging lights and outdoor string lights. It can adorn everything from a small space outside the front door to a gazebo that creates a cozy backyard sanctuary. In recent years, LED and Energy Star lighting has allowed homeowners to make eco-friendly choices related to outdoor lights, which is especially important given that exterior lights can use a lot of energy.

You can implement outdoor lighting in so many different ways: illuminating a path or steps, lighting up a poolside area, calling attention to an interesting tree or plant, providing light so you can open the front door--the sky is the limit and outdoor lights are available in a huge variety of styles and shapes!

Some people don't like how outdoor light fixtures with exposed bulbs look, citing harsh light. In that case, choose fixtures with frosted glass, seeded glass, wavy glass or other translucent effects that will mask the bulb and still get you the glow you want.

Landscape lighting can provide the perfect complement to outdoor lighting fixtures by offering an accent to the home's outer features or illumination of a garden bed. It can even serve as a guide to a pathway leading from the driveway to the home. Landscape lighting systems have become far more affordable and easier to install in recent years.

Note that security lighting is not the same as landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is more subtle than security lighting, which is used to wash an area with bright light--mainly as a form of investigation and intimidation when someone inside the house hears a weird noise outside and wants to see what happened.

We sell a huge variety of outdoor lights and there are nearly endless ways to use them, so you can make your home look even better and more appealing!

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